Premium Funding

Many businesses experience cash flow shortages

From time to time clients may need to retain capital in their business, to invest in the growth of the organisation. Premium funding alleviates some of these cash flow problems, enabling you to pay your premiums monthly in a cost-effective manner. We can arrange premium funding on your behalf and have several providers for you to choose from

What is premium funding?

Premium funding allows businesses to pay their insurance premiums in monthly instalments that are easy to manage. It saves you from having to pay all insurance payments at once and is particularly useful if you have numerous policies through a broker – it allows you to pay all of your insurance rates in one joint, regular (monthly) instalment.

For business insurance, most insurance companies don’t offer a monthly payment option, however by utilising the services of a broker, you will have that choice. At Annis Group, we can arrange this flexible and easy alternative to paying larger insurance premium expenses upfront.

Benefits of working with Annis Group for premium funding

Premium funding for insurance provides many benefits to businesses of all sizes, particularly that it gives business owners the chance to meet insurance obligations without the stresses of major payouts annually. 

Essentially, it’s a loan to cover the cost of your insurance and it is available at low interest rates and usually does not require any further collateral.

Benefits include:

  • Smoothing out of business cash flow
  • Various payment options, such as direct debit and credit card
  • Repayments of interest may be tax deductible
  • Cost of insurance spread over a longer period of time
  • Multiple insurance policies paid for with a single, regular payment
  • Provides fixed rates, ensuring that small business owners are protected from interest rate volatility
  • Safe and secure source of finance
  • Less likelihood of underinsuring your business due to financial restraints

If you want to find out more, get in touch with the team at Annis today to discuss your premium funding requirements.

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