Workers Compensation Insurance

Workers compensation insurance can be very complex for many business owners. 

The requirements are also different depending on the state you live and work in.  We often find many of our clients are overwhelmed by workers compensation insurance and do not know how to manage their claims, nor do they understand the implications their claims could be having on their premiums until it is too late.  In New South Wales especially, the workers compensation scheme is administered by the government with no remuneration to brokers.   Annis Group understand this is an area where many clients need our help.

We want to make sure our clients understand their obligations.

We have experience and knowledge that can be very valuable to our clients when it comes to workers compensation insurance and we will help our clients navigate this complicated and mandatory insurance.

If your claims are causing excessive premiums for your organisation, we also have workers compensation specialists who can assist with ways to reduce your claims and therefor reduce your premium costs and increases.

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