Risk Identification

Good risk identification procedures and plans can lead to reduced premiums in some cases

In today’s hard insurance market, we find clients who do not have good risk identification controls, can simply become uninsurable.  Annis Group understand the essential need to educate our clients when it comes to their approach to risk identification.

Risk identification is essentially, identifying the risks your business is exposed to, assessing those risks, controlling risk and transferring those risks that are too significant for the organisation to be exposed to, without the protection of a suitable insurance programme.

We can assist our clients with the evaluation process, often identifying issues that had not been considered. In many cases risk identification forms part of the framework for a business’s compliance requirements, especially with regards to meeting industry standards and regulations.

Insurance brokers are professionals who specialise in risk identification and insurance. We engage on behalf of our client and we give them advice and help them find the right insurance coverage. This could be through one, or multiple insurance companies. Brokers can assist in identifying your business or personal risks and help you to determine how to manage those risks effectively.

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