Property Survey Solutions

More and more insurers in today’s market require comprehensive property surveys

To review a risk and determine the acceptability of the risk and premium costs.  Property surveys allow us to access a broader market to achieve the best possible results for your property insurance portfolio.  We can arrange professionally qualified surveyors to conduct surveys and liaise with us to ensure the surveys cover exactly what is needed for our panel of insurers.  Professional surveys are also an excellent way to identify risks you were not aware of so you can reduce your exposure to loss.

Benefits of working with Annis for property surveys

A property survey, for insurance purposes, is completely different to a valuation a bank or a real estate agent would arrange.  A property survey, is designed to provide insurers with information on the organisations risk exposures as well as the businesses attitude to risk and risk management.

A property survey report provides the insurer with the following types of information:-

The businesses occupation, the activities involved in production of your goods and any specialised processes.

Critical machinery involved in operating a business including where the machinery comes from and how long it may take to replace the machinery or obtain parts for repair in the event of a loss.

The shifts worked, the number of staff employed and details of any contractors the business engages.

The fire protection at the premises, including the maintenance of the fire equipment.

Comprehensive photos of the risk.


The construction and age of the premises.

Storage of any goods at the premises.

Risk management processes and procedures.

The security protection.

Contractual arrangements.

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